Quality promise

Quality promise

Public Law (13.11.2009 / 869) 48 § of transport services on the promise of quality.

1. Available transport

Taxi and bus service Tilausliikenne K.Tervola Ky offers scheduled regular bus services in Lapland.

We also offer charter transportation services by taxis and buses at Finland and abroad.

2. Information on services and changes

Routes and timetables are also available on our website at www.liikennetervola.fi, as well as in our printed timetables or by calling our company.

3. The available tickets and their prices

Bus traffic, we have the national ticket products of Oy Matkahuolto Ab.

Information on ticket products and the prices can be found on Matkahuolto´s website.

One-way tickets can also be pay the bus driver, chartered priced we will offer case by case.

4. Cars of the transport

We have various sizes of transport that are technically in good condition, clean and well equipped, and well suited to the bus transfers and charters .

5. Receiving feedback

Customer feedback we will received by telephone, email and through our staff.

6. Handling of complaints

All feedback will be handled case by case, confidentially and client we respond quickly as quickly as possible.

7. Disabilities services, assistance, information, and into account the needs.

Bus and our taxis are not special fittings for the disabled. Our professional chauffeurs assist passengers as far as possible.

8. Security

Safety is one of our most important values, and under challenging driving conditions, safety goes ahead in timetable.